Presentation of elite athletes at the 16th Olympus Marathon

25 Ιουν 2019

While preparations for the 16th edition of Olympus Marathon are under way, the Organizing Committee has decided to include a presentation of elite athletes in the calendar of events; this will take place on the eve of the race, i.e. on Friday, 28 June 2019 at 7:30 p.m., in the open-air amphitheatre at the Municipal Park of Litochoro

This event intends to introduce the “crème de la crème” of world trail running to the general public; it will be a chance to meet the superstars whose athletic feats we all admire on social media, in person.

Eight male and eight female athletes, newcomers or Olympus Marathon veterans, will stand before us just a few hours before they stand at the start line to “run with the Gods” on mythical Mount Olympus.
Olympus Marathon and Olympus Vertical present:

1. Zaid Ait Malek
2. Thibaut Garrivier
3. Andre Jonsson
4. Pere Aurell
5. Dimitrios Theodorakakos
6. Marc Pinsach Rubirola
7. Dimitrios Seletis
8. Kiril Nikolov
1. Ragna Debats
2. Anne-Lise Rousset
3.  Elisa Desco
4. Yuri Yoshizumi  (Vertical)
5. Emily Hawgood
6. Dimitra Bika 
7. Antoniya Grigorova
8. Cecilia Pedroni

At this point, we would also like to point out the valuable assistance of our sponsors, who helped put the 16th edition of Olympus Marathon on the Migu Run Skyrunning World Series 2019 calendar.

Our major sponsors include: Ethniki PangaiaTeleperformanceSalomon, our regular valued supporter; SuuntoRunner StorePoloVikos natural mineral waterAegean AirlinesAvisStoiximanRavago HellasNovo ΝordiskSqueezy Sports NutritionRavatherm Hellas and Melissa.

Text Credits: Olympus Marathon 
Photo Credits: Guillem Casanova


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