Amazing and hot weekend at Lavaredo and new record at Western States! Are you ready for July's races?

03 Ιουλ 2019

The famous Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run took place in California this week-end. And once again it was a great edition during which a lot of different events happened! Weather conditions were unusual for the season. It wasn't hot at all which enabled runners to press their pace.  First of all, on the women's race, the titleholder Courtney Dauwalter was leading the race until mile 78 where she dropped out of the race due to a hip injury. Thus, Clare Gallagher took the first place on the women's podium! On the men's race, it's Jim Walmsley who wins the race for the second time now and with a course record improving his last performance by over 20 minutes



Men's Podium

1. Jim Walmsley - 14:09:28
2. Jared Hazen - 14:26:46
3. Tom Evans - 14:59:44   
Women's Podium

1. Clare Gallagher - 17:23:25
2. Brittany Peterson - 17:34:29
3. Kaci Lickteig - 17:55:55


La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail



We've been waiting so long for this week-end and it's already over! What an amazing show it was to watch those 1800 athletes at the starting line of La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail, ready to run 120 km under difficult weather conditions. It was really hot all along the race. With this great panel of athletes we could only expect great performances.  The race started at 11 PM at Cortina d'Ampezzo to the music of Ennio Morricone, giving chils to athletes and their supporters. 120 km and 5800 M+ throughout the Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage site, was waiting for our athletes.

Kathrin Goetz wins the women's race. She was third last year. 25 minutes behind her is the French Audrey Tanguy who takes the second place of the podium. For the second time this year, she's on the podium of an UTWT's race. She arrived at the third position of the Madeira Island Ultra-Trail. The Italian Francesca Pretto finishes at the third position.

On the men's race, it's our elite athlete, Tim Tollefson, who takes the first place. The american, who was third last year, led the race since the first kilometers. Thus, it is great to watch him at the top of the podium this year under a standing ovation. "The heat was terrible, the elevation was terrible, but running here, in this fantastic environment, is wonderful" said Tim. He is realising a great season this year. He arrived third of the Madeira Island Ultra-Trail last april. In second position is Jiasheng Shen who was unable to catch the American. Eventually, the New Zealander Sam McCutcheon completes de podium of this edition.  The race was really difficult, unfortunately, we've seen different runners surrender.

Men's Podium

1. Tim Tollefson - 12:18:47
2. Jiasheng Shen - 12:31:08
3. Sam McCutcheon - 12:47:22
Women's Podium

1. Kathrin Goetz - 14:59:52
2. Audrey Tanguy - 15:24:10
3. Francesca Pretto - 15:34:28

Congratulations to all athletes who ran this hard but beautiful race!


Coming soon Nuts and Eiger

 - 161 km, 4180 M+, Hetta, Finland July 12th

The third dicsovery race of the 2019 UTWT's circuit is taking place in Finish Lapland in two weeks!  Runners will experience the wonders of Northern Europe’s nature as they trail run through the extremely beautiful Ylläs-Pallas National Park during the midnight sun.

July has started, which means Eiger Ultra Trail is coming in less than three weeks now! We can't wait to go in Switzerland to see who will be the next winners of this great race!  The 101km and 6700 M+'s race is a real challenge to all runners, even the most experienced trail runners.Athletes will run through the most breath-taking viewpoints this area has to offer, passing through Grosse Scheidegg, First, Faulhorn (2680m), Schynige Platte, Wengen, Männlichen and Kleine Scheidegg, before tackling the awesome traverse along the base of the Eiger North Face itself. This Ultra Trail is a truly spectacular alpine experience for trail runners and all spectators.  

- 101 km
- 6700 M+
- Grindelwald, Switzerland
- July 20th  

Are you ready?!




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